“A long time ago, people had low expectations and a high tolerance. Today, we have high expectations and can tolerate very little.My great-grandfather came to the US with no money, no family, and no plan. He was happy to be alive. Low expectations. High tolerance. On my flight to LA, someone loudly complained about the […]

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Daily Routine

I keep messing up my daily habits because I set too many for one day. I’d suggest starting small, like 25 push-ups tomorrow as a “workout”. I’d suggest starting small, like study 30minutes if not an hour. But, I’ve been draining myself mentally because I “fail” every other day at one or another. Then I […]

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Pragmatic Dogma

I love complex personas of inherently good who can’t deviate a right and wrong perception due to constrictions placed at birth. Many people in the world are like this. We aren’t inherently evil, we just haven’t found a better place. 

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So you lost everything you set your pride on and now you’re taking it out on someone else?  A joke. And, when someone calls you on it, you blow up in a rage at every little thing.  Easily riled.  You can’t control your emotions and you’re too conservative to take risks.  Simple-minded.  To be blunt, […]

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Passively Aggressive 

Sadly we live in an age where people celebrate insecurities. Rather than work on them and growing around them, everyone chooses to live in a rose colored reality where one believes they are entitled to everything they want. And, when they don’t get it, they throw a fit as to why they should have it […]

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What will become of those who accept only what is convenient for them? “I want to observe the destinations reached by the many lives that are created.” – Akari, Karneval



If a heros duty is to save, then whose duty is it to save the hero? Heros don’t get saved they get martyred. So, why would anyone want to be a hero? 

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